Ten Reasons To Hire Us

Our goal is to bring our talent and knowledge to your project. We enjoy all aspects of the projects from planning to permitting to building to completing. We do small to large jobs and as always free estimates. Listed below are 10 Reasons To Hire Us:

1. Owner on site everyday means no project manager and multiple people trying to making decisions. We do all our own work so we are there everyday.

2. Home Remodeling is all we do and new homes! We can usually cut down on time in your home because we are familiar with all the pitfalls related to Home Remodeling.

3. One Job From Start to Finish. We only work one job from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about us jumping from your job to another job.

4. Our Warranty is twice as long as normal industry standards. We can offer a longer warranty because we do high quality work with high quality materials.

5. Licensing and Insurance American Tile and Stone is a licensed Contractor with years of experience to keep your family safe.

6. Permits and Inspections. We will pull all the necessary permits and have the proper inspections throughout the building process to ensure your project will be completed properly. We will not work without permits if the job requires them.

7. Our sub-contractors are the same ones we use on all our jobs. We have a team of Master Electrician and Master Plumber as well as a Master HVAC. No surprises in pricing or quality of work for remodel’s.

8. Quality Control. Since the job supervisor is on site and hands on throughout the work process and problems or issues can be dealt with immediately.

9. We show up on time and do what we say! Sounds simple enough and it is.

10. Our Passion for Quality. We are driven to do only quality work from start to finish so our final product is something you want to share with family and friends.